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Ranger 2998
Type Base
Version 10-Meter Hoax



Frequency Range 28.000 - 29.699 MHz 24.000 - 32.000 Mhz
24.890 - 24.990 MHz
Frequency Steps 100Hz, 1Khz, 10Khz, 100Khz, 1MHz 100Hz, 1Khz, 10Khz, 100Khz, 1MHz
Power Output AM 10W 10W
FM 10W 10W
LSB 25W 25W
USB 25W 25W
CW 10W 10W
Multi-Norm ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) CTCSS RF-Gain
Memory Channels 99 ESP DCS Mic-Gain
CH9 ASC (Automatic squelch) DTMF RF-Power
CH19 Talkback S-Meter Frequency Display
SCAN ECHO External S-Meter Connector Frequency Counter Connector
M-SCAN (Memory Scan) Roger-Beep RF-Power Meter Optional DIN-Frame
DW (Dual-Watch) Key-Beep SWR-Meter Backlight Faceplate
LCR (Last Channel Recall) VOX Modulation-Meter Lights Dimmer
NB (Noise Blanker) Blue-Tooth Local / DX PC Programmable
Review Manual
Website (ENG) Service-Manual
Dutch Importeur Modification
   Comments Power Consumption 110V or 13,8V & 8A




2 Years ago i recieved an email with this picture. The email claimed this was an new Ranger radio soon to be released.

I put the picture on the website and copied the specs for the RHF-618. If they look similair they are probably similair.

I recieved an email a few months later from Ranger that it was not one of there models.

Today i noticed an American webshop has an picture of the radio on there website telling us it is comming soon.

So that leaves the question was the picture send out as an joke by someone or will it really be sold?

Dimensions (W) 28,5cm X (H) 11cm X (D) 33,5cm
Up & Down Mike

1. Ground
2. Audio
3. TX
4. RX
5. Up
6. Down does not sell radios or amplifiers.
Price  +/- ???,-
Last Selling Price  +/- ???,- does not sell radios or amplifiers.

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