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CB & Export Radios

President Grant II ASC Premium


Multi-Norm SCAN Key-Beep Local / DX
Handheld (Porto) M-SCAN Roger-Beep RF-Gain
Base DW (Dual-Watch) Echo Mic-Gain
Mobile LCR (Last Channel Recal) Talk-Back RF-Power
12V NB (Noise-Blanker) Optional Din-Frame Frequency Display
24V ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) Multiple Backlight Colors Frequency Counter
110V ESP (Electronic Speech Processor) Backlight Faceplate Frequency Counter Connector
220V Hi-Cut Lights Dimmer PC Programmable
Memory Channels 5. ASC (Automatic squelch) SWR-Meter Remote Display
CH8 CTCSS Modulation-Meter Remote Control Kit
CH9 DCS S-Meter Blue-Tooth
CH19 DTMF External S-Meter Connector PA (Public Address)
CH35 VOX RF-Power Meter TOT (time Out Timer)






Dutch Importer


(ENG / FR / ESP / PL)

Service Manual (ENG)
Schematic (ENG) Modification

(ENG / FR / ESP)



(W) 18,5cm X (H) 5.6cm X (D) 20,5cm

Brothers and Sisters

Microphone Wiring


1. Audio
2. RX
3. TX & Up & Down
5. Ground
6. 12V does not sell radios or amplifiers.



 +/- 270,-

The difference between the Grant II ASC

 and the Grant II ASC Premium?

The premium uses an new board with the muRata filter installed.

In export mode the Premium can give you

a little more power. And still has the 40 UK channels in export mode.

Last Selling Price

 +/- 270,- does not sell radios or amplifiers.  Last Update Monday 20 February 2023 / Best Viewed in 1280*1024