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December 2023
Added radio to the website  Added Manual to the website Maintenance
Thunderpole T-X Thunderpole T-X      
Moonraker Titan Jopix CB-514      
    Moonraker Minor II      
August 2023
Added radio to the website  Added Manual to the website Maintenance
    Chierda S890    
June 2023
Added radio to the website  Added Manual to the website Maintenance
TYT CB Mini Tack 270 Chierda
  Tack 308 Track
Tack 370 ERA Uniden
Tack Barry Vector
Tack Smart VGC
Uniden PRO 538HH  
May 2023
  Added radio to the website    Added Manual to the website   Maintenance
Mirrex PPR-125 Mirrex PPR-125 Maycom Pages
Moonraker Micro Optim Orion Mega System Pages
Voyager VR-100 PNI HP82 MegaJet Pages
Voyager VR-272 PNI HP6550 MegaStar Pages
Voyager VR-2432 Polmar Venus MegaWat Pages
Voyager VR-2550 Anytone Apollo One Mercedes Pages
Voyager VR-7770 Stryker SR-25MC Millenium Pages
Voyager VR-8880

Thunderpole T-600

Mirage Pages
Voyager Enterprise Thunderpole T-800 Mirrex Pages
Nanfone CB-41 Thunderpole T-1000 Mocoma Pages
QYT CB-58 Thunderpole T-2000 Moonraker Pages
Storm Guerilla G10 Thunderpole T-3000 MYT Pages
Syncro SY-73     Nagai Pages
Thunderpole T-600     Northpoint Pages
 Added Service Manual to the website  Added Schematic to the website Northstar Pages
Mirrex PPR-125 Mirrex PPR-125 Voyager Pages
    Onwa Pages
Optim Pages
Maintenance  Added Catalog to the website Oricom Pages
Roadking Pages Optim 2023 OverMAX Pages
Roadpro Pages Maintenance Pan Pages
Titan Pages Super Radio Pages Pearce Simpson Pages
Sadelta Pages Supra Pages PNI Pages
Samlex Pages Surecom Pages Polmar Pages
SatCom Pages Таис Pages Procom Pages
SatCom Pages Telefunken Pages Quer Pages
SHC Pages Texas Ranger Pages Radian Pages
Sommerkamp Pages Thunder Pages QYT Pages
Soontone Pages TopGun Pages RadioShack Pages
Spydee Pages   Realistic Pages
Storm Pages Sunker Pages
Stryker Pages Syncro Pages
Suicom Pages  
April 2023
Added radio to the website  Added Manual to the website Maintenance
CRT SS6900V Connex CX-33HPC-1 Connex Pages
CRT SS7900V Connex CX-4400 Turbo Conrad Pages
PNI Escort HP86 PNI Escort HP72 CRT Pages
PNI Escort HP72 PNI Escort HP2020 CRE Pages
PNI Escort HP2020 PNI Escort HP8500 CSI Pages
PNI Escort HP8500 Danita CB-127 PNI Pages
Danita CB-127 Radioddity CB-27 Danita Pages
Uniden PRO-538HH Radioddity CB-27 PRO Dirland Pages
Galaxy DX-959G Radioddity QT40 DNT Pages
Anytone AT-27 PRO Radioddity QT-47 Dynascan Pages
Anytone AT-505 PRO  Added Catalog to the website Eagle Pages
Anytone AT-6666 PRO Anytone 2023 Thx Simon the wizard Elix Pages
Anytone Smart II  Midland 2023 Emperor Pages
Connex CX-36HP Max   Euro Pages
Radioddity CB-27 Euro-CB Pages
Radioddity CB-27 PRO Eurosonic Pages
Radioddity QT40 Farun Pages
Radioddity QT-47 Feitong Pages
 Added Software to the website  Added Modification to the website Formac Pages
CRT SS6900V CRT SS7900V Freecit Pages
CRT SS7900V   General Pages
Radioddity QT40 GME Pages
  HAM Pages
Maintenance  Added Manual to the website Hannover Pages
Lafayette Pages Maas KCB-4000 (DE) Hoffman Pages
Landmatic Pages Maas KCB-4000 (ENG) Huracan Pages
Lemm Pages   Hy-gain Pages
Longhorn Pages Intek Pages
Luiton Pages JMC Pages
M-Tech Pages Joker Pages
Maas Pages Kaiser Pages
Magnum Pages kamscom Pages
Manta Pages Kentex Pages
Marcom Pages Kenrow Pages
Maxlog Pages Kenwood Pages
Maxon Pages K-po Pages
March 2023
  Added radio to the website    Added Manual to the website   maintenance
Ranger RCI-99N4 Anytone Ares II President Pages
Cobra 29LTD Chrome (2023) Galaxy  DX-47HP Anytone Pages
Cobra 29LTD Classic (2023) Galaxy  DX-55F President Amplifiers Pages
Cobra 29LTD Nightwatch (2023) Galaxy  DX-66V2 Comanche Pages
Cobra 29LTD Pink (2023) Galaxy  DX-86V Galaxy Pages
Ultima Magnum CB-58 Galaxy  DX-939F Ranger Pages
Team TS-12VR Galaxy  DX-959B Dragon Pages
Team VX-2412 Ranger X9 Superstar Pages
Added folder to the website Ranger 69Base Comtex Pages
Ultima Magnum CB-58 Cobra 29LTD Chrome (2023) Team Pages
Cobra 29LTD Classic (2023) Cobra 29LTD Classic (2023) Canva Pages
Team TS-12VR Cobra 29LTD Nightwatch (2023) Hygen Pages
Team VX-2412 Cobra 29LTD Pink (2023) Cherokee Pages
    Team VX-2412 Cocker Pages
  Chieftek Pages
Commtel Pages
February 2023
Added radio to the website  Added Service Manual to the website maintenance
President Harrison President Grant II Premium Avanti Pages
    President Harrison Axis Pages
  Delta Pages
Premier Pages
President Pages
January 2023
  Added radio to the website    Added Software to the website   maintenance
Anytone Ares II Anytone Ares II Superstar Pages
Anytone AT-5555 Plus/N Anytone AT-5555 V7.01 A2E Pages
Superstar 3900 Anytone AT-5555N II Ajetrays Pages
Anytone AT-5555N II Anytone Apollo II Albrecht Pages
Avanti Karma Midland M30    
Albrecht AE6290 President Harry III ASC (dutch)   jopix Pages
Jopix Doris  Added manual to the website Midland-Alan Pages
Jopix AP-7 Aquario RP80 Zodiac Pages
Allamat 419 Albrecht AE6120 VOX Allamat Pages
Optim Travel Albrecht AE6290 Alinco Pages
CRT Mike II Anytone Doris Alpha Pages
President Bill II FCC Anytone Graces Anysecu Pages
President Randy II FCC Anytone Smart I Areo Pages
President Thomas FCC Anytone Smart 10M Avanti Pages
President Walker III FCC Jopix AP-6 Axis Pages
Added catalog to the website Jopix GS-60 Azden Pages
Midland-Alan 2021 Midland M-Mini USB Azden Pages
Midland-Alan 2022 Midland 48PRO  
  Midland 78PRO
Midland M30
Midland M88
 Added Service Manual to the website Optim Travel
President Henry 12V/24V President Bill II FCC
  President Randy II FCC
President Thomas FCC
President Walker III FCC
 Added Modification to the website  Added brochure to the website
Jopix AP-6 Albrecht AE6120 VOX
Jopix GS-60 Albrecht AE6290
  Jopix AP-6
Jopix GS-60
Midland M88 President Harry III ASC (dutch)  

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